Georgia State Patrol Vehicle Struck while Parked by Roadside on Highway 48 Near Menlo

At least two people, including a Georgia State Trooper, were transported for treatment over the weekend following an accident on Highway 48 in Chattooga County.

According to reports State Trooper Doug Shamblin was stopped on Highway 48 near Menlo when a car slammed into the rear of his cruiser causing significant damage to both vehicles.

Afterwards, a tractor-trailer struck the side of the state patrol vehicle.  Onlookers stated the truck driver appeared to be looking at the vehicle that had struck the patrol car when he hit the patrol car himself.  Trooper Shamblin WASN’T in the patrol car when the tractor-trailer sideswiped it.   

Three Redmond EMS ambulances were dispatched to the scene and at least two individuals including Trooper Shamblin, were transported to a Rome-area hospital for treatment.

(WZQZ Chattooga County Radio)

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