City of Centre Council Meeting

During the Wednesday afternoon City of Centre Council Meeting Architect Tom McElrath spoke at length about two very large projects for the City of Centre. McElrath told the Council that they were running ahead of the curve with monetary expenditures. Which is the good part, but the bad part is there is a two month wait on building materials. The project is going in the right direction to change the order of the gymnasium. The new metal brackets will be $ 5,830 which was approved by Council.

Also, the Architect Tom McElrath spoke with the Council About the Old School Demo. He told them to replace the plywood it would be a cost of $4,800. This was just talked at length about the sight prep package too. February is as soon as he can get to this project.

Interim Fire Chief Robert Pace spoke with the Council About approving a purchase of an American Flag for the fire truck which was bid out at $721.00 and a Fire Blanket bid out at $ 1799.00 both were approved.

Bobby Paul the Street Sanitation Supervisor spoke to the Council about purchasing a Garbage Truck for $227,560 and garbage dumpsters at a bid of $8,000. Both items were approved by Council.

Raymond Matthews spoke to the Council about getting two snow machines at a cost of $3,718 dollars which was approved.

The Council also approved the enhancement the security system at Town Hall with $859.00 wiring cost and $512.00 for two new security monitors.

Mayor Mark Mansfield told everyone he will not seek reelection with two years to go.

The Christmas Parade in Centre will be December 7th at 6PM. Contact the City Hall to get your entries in.

The next City of Centre Council Meeting will be November 28th.

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