39 Year Missing Person Case Appears To Be Solved

(Gadsden, Al)  According to Authorities, In April 1983, 25 year old Alan D. Livingston was reported missing by a co-worker. He was last seen at the Forrest River Apartments in Gadsden,  where he lived. He vanished along with his vehicle which was a brown 1980 Ford Bronco.

Earlier this year, a scuba diver and EMT from Virginia, Chris Overstreet, was conducting a survey of the Coosa River with sonar devices when he discovered a vehicle about 30 feet from the shoreline in about 18 feet of water. He conducted a dive and located the vehicle, then notified Gadsden Police. Overstreet travels across the country probing into unsolved missing person cases.

When the vehicle was retrieved, authorities discovered skeletal remains, Drivers License, Social Security Card, and Goodyear ID, in a vehicle matching the description  belonging to the missing Livingston.

Authorities are trying to obtain DNA from a relative of Livingston’s to compare to the remains found,  but from the personal belongings, they feel certain they have found the missing man after 39 years. But the final determination will be made by forensics.

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