Ammo Vending Machine CEO Says One Removed But More Are Coming to Alabama

Ammo Vending Machine CEO Says One Removed But More Are Coming to Alabama

The CEO of the company that produces AI-powered ammunition vending machines says the removal of one, of the two in the state of Alabama, was “strictly a business decision,” – and more will come, to the state’s grocery stores.  American Rounds’ “smart retail automated ammo dispensers” – use artificial intelligence technology to verify a buyer’s ID and age using facial recognition software.

Al.COM had reported on July 3rd, the company had installed ammunition vending machines at Fresh Value locations at 4200 McFarland Boulevard in Tuscaloosa and 1009 Martin Street in Pell City.   Tuscaloosa City Councilor Kip Tyner raised questions about the machine during a Public Safety Committee meeting last week and posted on social media Friday, that “The vendor decided to remove his machine from that grocery store.”

American Rounds CEO Grant Magers told Al.COM Saturday – the decision was made due to sales volume at the McFarland Boulevard grocery store.   American Rounds has ammunition-dispensing machines, located at four places in Oklahoma, as well as in Pell City – that, according to its website; Magers added “We strive to bring safe, secure, ammo sales to the market, in support of responsible firearm ownership,”

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

(AL.COM/Other Sources)

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