City of Piedmont Now Officially Owns Fagan Park

The Mayor of Piedmont Bill Baker told the public  that the City of Piedmont now officially owns Fagan Park. Baker, using his Facebook Platform also thanked Charlie Fagan for working with the city to make this happen. The Park name will remain Fagan Park. Baker, said their plan will be to get on the grounds and do some work on the trees. Some need to come down and others need some serious trimming. He also said many of you have requested pickleball courts. That will happen at the large cement pad near the restaurant area. We plan to open that restaurant for business and bring additional sales tax for the city plus offer another eating location. Work will be done on the outside of the restaurant along with any needed inside work. The basketball court will be addressed with new backboards, goals , and additional lighting around the park and spruce up two pavilions. Also, I’d like to see the walking track at both parks repaved . Any other ideas are open to suggestions. Mayor Baker addressed this on his Facebook Site.

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