Exercise Safety and Care During the July 4th Holiday Period

The Alabama Department of Transportation and the Cherokee County, Alabama Sheriff’s Office is expecting what they’re calling a “Substantial Jump” in traffic volume over the upcoming Fourth of July Holiday Weekend and urges travelers to prioritize safe driving.

For the safety of all motorists and also the construction and maintenance workers – ALDOT announces NO temporary lane closures will take place on Alabama interstates – between Wednesday, July 3rd, and Sunday, July 7th.

Everyone is encouraged to plan ahead to allow extra travel time and also remain undistracted and responsible, while traveling during this holiday and throughout the summer travel season.   Drivers planning their holiday travel route can find that Alabama traffic and road condition information, including all the traffic camera feeds, at ALGOtraffic.com or by downloading the ALGO Traffic app.

Eliminate Distractions:  ALDOT is asking drivers to put safety first during the heavily traveled holiday period and to remember that Alabama has a hands-free law.  This new law allows drivers to make OR receive phone calls using “hands-free” technology – such as the Bluetooth or integrated systems – within that vehicle, as long as drivers don’t hold or support the device.   Drivers are allowed to answer a call with a single button OR swipe of a finger.  Focus on the road by avoiding ALL distractions.  IF you must hold your device, pull over to a safe location.

Buckle Up:  Remember, seatbelts reduce the risk of any serious injuries and fatalities; always ensure that everyone inside that vehicle is wearing a seat belt properly.

Avoid Impaired Driving: For the safety of drivers and pedestrians NEVER get behind the wheel of a car under the influence of any alcohol, drugs or other substances that impair driving. 

Slow Down: The likelihood of serious injuries OR fatalities in the event of a crash increases whenever a driver is speeding; the ability to react to an unexpected situation can also be compromised by speed.   Pay attention to ALL SPEED LIMITS – also – ABIDE by them.

Drivers should never text, tweet OR use a mobile device while operating a vehicle. 

(Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office/www.fortpaynetimesjournal.com)

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