Alabama State Troopers Are Taking An Aggressive Approach When It Comes To Policing This Fourth Of July Holiday

Kelvin Reynolds

Alabama State Troopers are taking an aggressive approach when it comes to policing this Fourth of July holiday, including on the roadways and water.

They say there are inherent dangers you should think about if you plan on celebrating on the water.

Educate and encourage, that’s how State Troopers describe the effort to convince people to make safety their number one priority on the water going into the Independence Day holiday.

While on Lake Tuscaloosa, Cpl. Freddie Ingram said first to make sure all safety equipment like life jackets and fire extinguishers are up to date and working.

Ingram also advised to know what the boating laws are and if alcohol is allowed where the boat will be operated.

Also, he says, have a float plan. Let someone know where you’re going, when you plan to come back, and what any emergency contact numbers are.

Troopers expect more recreational boating as some people see July Fourth as the kickoff to Summer.

They want boaters to take all these safety precautions seriously.

“If some falls over, the only things you have to save you is a life preserver,” Ingram said. “A type-4 throwable is the only thing you can throw to somebody to actually get them out of the water. You have a fire on the boat, it’s hard for the fire department to get to you, so you need to have your fire extinguisher. The emergency kill switch is very, very important. If you get thrown out of the driver’s seat, the only way to stop that boat from operating is the emergency cut-off switch to trip the engine.”

Ingram expects this will be a four-day holiday weekend on Alabama waterways with the Fourth of July falling on Thursday.

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