Cherokee County Schools Regular Board Meeting

During this week’s afternoon meeting of the Cherokee County School Board, Superintendent Mike Welsh asked the Board to approve the Energy Savings Budgets for Cherokee County High School and Sand Rock School which were approved.

After this the Board approved Personnel Action. Item A was the resignations for Kimberly Dooley and Cody Short. Item B was for Certified Placements for Anna Brett Adams and Elijah Bates and Item C was Classified Transfers for Savana Black , Tesha Wood and Casey Kennedy. Item D was approving 5 new Classified Placements. Item E was approving a Contract Position for Dana Early. Item F was to approve the Principal Contract for Jonna Betterton. Item G was to approve Contract Changes for Rachel Dixon, Brittany Shea Swain and Rebecca Clanton. Item H was approving Supplemental pay for Derrick Hooper

The Board also reviewed 7 Current Job Postings.

The next Cherokee County Schools Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, July 15th at 4:00 p.m. and will be held in the Cherokee County Commission Meeting Room.

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