Collinsville Approves Full Time Assistant for Library

Collinsville Approves Full Time Assistant for Library

The Collinsville City Council approved Shelby Simpson as a full time assistant to Librarian Jennifer Wilkins during the Monday afternoon City Council Meeting. Wilkins presented the proposal to the Council telling the about the excellent job Simpson is doing and asked for her to be full time.

Fire Chief and Councilman, David Bowen, gave the council an update on the Communications Tower update for the Lookout Mountain site. He said a larger tower will be coming in conjunction with the DeKalb Fire Association which will give the fire department a better coverage area for their communications. He will update them more when the tower is installed.

Terrance Kerly discussed needed repairs to the streets and ditches in his community. Mayor Traffanstedt told Kerly he hoped to get the streets and ditches fixed.

The next Collinsville City Council meeting is set for July 1st at 5 pm in the Council Chambers.


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