Woman Admits to Drug Use After Being Pulled Over

Woman with Alcohol in Cup Admits to Smoking Blunt before Driving

A 58-year-old North Georgia woman was recently arrested for DUI after admitting, to a Chattooga County Deputy – that she had “smoked a blunt”, before leaving a party on June 8th.  According to reports from the Sheriff’s Office, Lettice McColl was stopped around 11:30pm at a safety checkpoint on Back Penn Road. 

When she was stopped at the checkpoint, the deputy noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the vehicle.  No marijuana was found inside the vehicle, BUT McColl DID state she had smoked marijuana before leaving the party, and she had a solo cup with a mixed alcoholic drink in the console of the vehicle.   She told the deputy that she had “mixed a drink to take home with her” from the party.

After failing field sobriety tests McColl was arrested and charged with an Open Container and DUI for Multiple Substances.

(AM1180 Chattooga County Radio)


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