Rome Man Admits to Being Scammed Out of More Than $1 Million

Rome Man Admits to Being Scammed Out of More Than $1 Million

Rome Police say an undisclosed victim has admitted – to being scammed, out of more than $1 million, over the course of four years.

The Rome News Tribune reports that a man told police he began talking with a woman on a dating website – who called herself Erin.   Reportedly, she told the man that she had inherited an estate in Belgium, worth $4.5 million, but owed 10% in taxes, some $450,000.  If the man would pay the back taxes – she would sell the estate – and give him half the value, approximately $2.25 million.   He agreed, and also claimed, he ended up sending close to $1.2 million in cashier’s checks in increments of $60,000 and $90,000 to Logan’s friends at locations in Ohio and California – to pass along to her.   The man said that the money is now in what he termed a DCM account in China, and that he verified this.

He also claimed to have been scammed, by a woman named “Scarlett”, as he was attempting to return some bed sheets to Amazon.  He said that he googled Amazon’s number and ended up speaking to Scarlett – and that she told him that someone had hacked the credit card – associated with his Amazon account.   He said he gave her approximately $300,000 over two and a half weeks –  to offset the money being used on his credit card.  The man said he DID NOT report these problems earlier, because he was embarrassed and ashamed of being scammed.  He also told police he did not have any documentation from these events.

He was told that he should contact his financial institutions – and gather documentation – regarding the Belgium and Amazon account scams.


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