Rome, Georgia Woman Arrested on Several Felony Warrants

A Rome, Georgia woman has been arrested on several felony warrants – charging her with four counts each – of Insurance Fraud and First Degree Forgery.

According to the warrants, in April of 2021, 54-year-old Denna Rochelle Conaway filed an injury claim, along with the fake medical documents, to receive nearly $26,000 – saying she’d required surgery for head injuries, from being attacked with a sharp knife.

In 2022 – she submitted a medical invoice to an insurance company – for more than $81,000 and received $13,000 and $14,445 – claiming she had fractured her leg while hiking in Arizona and had surgery.

In January of 2023, Conaway submitted forged medical invoice for more than a million dollars claiming that she had slipped in the shower and hit her head on the sharp edge of a broken tile.

That claim was not paid out.

In each case hospitals in Los Angeles and Yuma, Arizona had no record of Conaway being a patient.

Conaway was also arrested in September of 2023 – on charges involving over a million and a half dollars in fraudulent insurance claims.

(WRGA News in Floyd County, Georgia)


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