Cherokee County Commission Meeting

The latest meeting of the Cherokee County Commission – taking place on Monday morning in the County Administration Building – was somewhat short, with few items on the agenda.

During that pre-meeting “Planning Session” – Commission Members gave Traci Pondick with RSVP – ample opportunity to discuss their latest “Tax Season” program, with this year seeing a slight increase in the number of returns prepared – increasing from 79 to 82. 

A substantial amount of funds were returned to the filer’s.  The service is designed to offer huge help to those of an advanced age – and low income individuals, especially.

During the course of the day’s Regular Meeting, items from the Cherokee County Public Library – made up mainly of furniture and computer items –  was designated to be sold and/or disposed of in an upcoming sale; and Jamie Jackson was named as a Highway Maintenance Technician Grade 1 and the Commission approved insolvents, Errors and Taxes in Litigation, (for 2023) and Uncollected Insolvents and Taxes in Litigation – and, they approved a “Maintenance and Support Agreement”, between the Sheriff’s Office and Applied Digital Solutions for an Initial Term Agreement – from May 16th of 2024 through May 15th of 2025 – in the amount of $2,474.00

The County Commission also honored the Cherokee County High School Track Team for their outstanding ethics, efforts and success.

The next meeting of the Cherokee County Commission, will take place on Monday, June 24th starting at 5:00pm being held in the Cherokee County Administration Building on the Cedar Bluff Road in Centre.

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