Bears on the Move; Be Cautious, Be Careful

Cherokee County has had some, shall we say “surprising”, visitors lately.


One was sighted behind the Piggly Wiggly Supermarket in Cedar Bluff, on Saturday, and another on Sunday, just off of the lake, in the Tate’s Chapel Community (photo provided).

Everyone is strongly encouraged to exercise extreme caution, and also to avoid engaging these live animals – just let them move on – and they will, soon enough, go on their way.

Bears are currently in the midst of “mating season” meaning they’re very much on the move right now; simply enjoy their beauty from a respectful distance and be sure to exercise good judgment at all times.  And be sure NOT TO FEED these wild animals at all as they may very well make a habit of returning time and time again in hopes of finding an easy meal – a situation unsafe for all.

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