More Troopers are Set to Hit Alabama Roadways and Waterways

Additional Law Enforcement will be patrolling both Alabama’s Highways and Waterways to help keep people safe – and new State Troopers, 25 in total, joined the ranks of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency on Friday morning in Selma.  It’s ALEA’s first class of new troopers to graduate in several years.  The members of that class all had prior law enforcement experience, but still had to complete ten weeks of additional law enforcement training.

Sgt. Jeremy Burkett said, “We want to make sure when we have arresting officers that are with the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, they’re fully trained and fully prepared.”

A total of 22 of the new troopers, will patrol Alabama Roadways, with the Highway Patrol, and the other three will patrol State Waterways with the Marine Patrol.

(Action 8 West Alabama News)

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