Now Emergency Number(s) Can be Added to License

Alabama Drivers Can Add Emergency Contacts to License

You can now add emergency contacts to your Alabama driver’s license.

The NEW feature gives first responders the ability to call someone in the event of a crash, overdose, any type of medical emergency, a disoriented elderly driver – OR ANYTIME that it turns out license holders may not be able to share their information.  The license update is FREE and only takes seconds to complete.

Go to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency site, and search “Emergency Contact.”  You MUST have the NAME and license number of the holder.  Then you will simply enter or edit the emergency contact name, address, and phone number.   Once you do that – it’ll automatically attach to that licensee’s records.

A NEW physical license will not be given.  Instead, updated information will show to dispatch, and the first responder’s computer searches.


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