City of Piedmont Council Regular Meeting

During the Tuesday afternoon Piedmont City Work Session Mayor Baker brought up Piedmont resident Lamar Chasteen. First, Chasteen made it very clear to the Council he was very unhappy where trash is being discarded by the people who live by him. They are continually putting their trash on his property. This has turned into a severe problem. The Council discussed this matter for a while. They came up with a temporary solution. Tim Frost, the Street and Sanitation Supervisor will monitor and work on this for Chasteen. Next, Interim Fire Chief Cale Donaldson addressed the Council about needing four full-time firemen for the Piedmont Fire Department. This was tabled until the next meeting.

After, the Work Session the Regular meeting began with Mayor Baker informing the Council the operational expenses for the past two weeks were $285,923.54 which included two weeks of payroll. The bills were approved for payment.

The Council discussed a Resolution Number 2024-8 in which the City of Piedmont will enter into an agreement with the State of Alabama: acting by and through the Alabama Department of Transportation relating to transportation to provide a public transportation bus and a senior nutrition van with partial funding by the Federal Transit Administration. This was approved by the Council.

Chief of Police Nathan Johnson addressed the Council about three different items. The first being hiring a full time dispatcher to replace a dispatcher who is on maternity leave and wants to be a stay home mom. He said she wants to be a fill-in instead of full time. Chief Johnson, then spoke to the Council about purchasing a 2024 Dodge 2500 Truck to be used by him for the price of $ 46,585.00. The last item Johnson spoke about was purchasing an equipment package up fitting for a 2024 Dodge 2500 for Police use from Dana Safety Supply at a cost of $6,315. All three items were unanimously approved by Council.

Mayor Baker, then thanked the hard working employees of Piedmont.

The next City of Piedmont Council Meeting will be June 18th.







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