To Close For Comfort

Monday morning the storms were pretty intense in Cherokee County. I remember vividly laying in bed half asleep around 4:30 in the morning. Yeah, it was raining cats and mad dogs but the wind I noticed really had picked up. It sounded like an airplane and a washing machine combined at a high decibel level. The National Weather Service concluded that an EF-1 Tornado did touch down in northern Cherokee County around the time I noticed the wind had really picked up velocity. The Sand Rock area was in its path. Then along County Road 104 in Cedar Bluff there was carnage too. Well, my family lives off of CR 104 in the Bluffs and that 105 mph wind was to close for comfort. There was  some tree damage in our area. The photo that accompanies this story was right across from our home. Like, I said to close for comfort and I was very happy no one was hurt or worse.

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