Hurricane Season Begins June 1 – Get Ready Now

Sally, Katrina, Ivan, Opal… the names of some of history’s most powerful hurricanes are well known to
the people of Alabama.
With the official start of hurricane season approaching, FEMA and Alabama Emergency Management Agency officials
urge Alabama residents to prepare themselves, their families, and their property now. Forecasts predict a very active
season, with global weather patterns and historically high ocean temperatures creating enhanced conditions for
tropical development.
“Hurricanes are not just a coastal problem,” said Robert Samaan, FEMA Region 4 Administrator, cautioning against
complacency from non-coastal communities. “Heavy rain, wind, floodwaters, and even tornadoes happen far inland
from where a hurricane or tropical storm makes landfall. That’s why it’s so important for everyone to know what
threats they face and how best to prepare.”
Alabamians can take simple steps now to get prepared:
• Type your address into FEMA’s Flood Map and assess your risk.
• Evacuate if told to do so; Text SHELTER to 43362 to find nearby emergency shelters in case of evacuation.
• Find your county’s emergency manager.
• Download the FEMA App to receive real-time weather emergency alerts for up to five different locations.
• Utilize resources from the Alabama Department of Senior Services if needed at 1-800-AGELINE.
• Dial 211 for unmet needs.
“The National Hurricane Center has predicted a very active hurricane season,” said the Director of Alabama
Emergency Management Agency, Jeff Smitherman. “Now is a very good opportunity for Alabama citizens to prepare
and be ready should we be impacted.”

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