Some Area Residents Will Be Getting a New Address

Some Area Residents Will Be Getting a New Address

The Cherokee County Commission approved an agreement and adopted a resolution to accept a Quitclaim Deed from the State of Alabama for the transfer of a portion of “Old” US Highway 411 after the “New” Highway 411 was opened and through traffic routed to it.

Once the agreement is completed with the State and the deed issued to the County, the “Old” portion of Highway 411 will become a County Road, which will be under the maintenance of the Cherokee County Highway Department.   County Engineer Cory Chambers told the Commission the agreement with the State also includes future funding from the Department of Transportation for the upkeep of the road.  

The County Highway department and E9-1-1 will issue a new road number therefore making it necessary for the residents along that roadway to receive a new 9-1-1 address for location, emergency services and mail purposes.

The 9-1-1 department will begin issuing those addresses once the legal transfer of property has been completed.


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