Memorial Day Starts off “WET” – Sunshine on the Way

The Memorial Day started off on the “stormy” side for many Alabamians, and storms are expected throughout the day today.

The National Weather Service has gotten lots of reports of downed trees, and hail – while power outages numbered about 80,000 statewide – as of 8:15 this morning.   The National Weather Service has allowed all North Alabama Flash Flood Warnings to expire – but earlier in the day, it’d received reports of water covering roads and stranded cars in Albertville.   Forecasters said that 2 to 3 inches of rain had fallen overnight.

Storms were very intense across North Alabama overnight, meanwhile a report says the National Weather Service has received multiple reports of downed trees, hail and power outages.   The weather service also got a report, of lighting striking a home, here in Cherokee County – and starting a house fire.

The Weather Service in Huntsville said they’d not gotten enough damage reports to necessitate storm surveys following several tornado warnings early this morning.  The National Weather Service, said that the storms could very well bring more damaging winds and hail. 

The Storm Prediction Center isn’t forecasting any sort of severe weather for Alabama, after today, for the rest of the week.


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