‘June Jam’ Just Around the Corner; What’s Not Allowed?

Organizers say the rules about what is, and is not allowed at the Alabama June Jam are basically the same as last year’s list.

Here are the instructions offered last year:

June Jam is committed to creating a safe, comfortable – and an enjoyable experience for all guests – all of the guests shall remain respectful and always be courteous to Jam staff, and fellow patrons/guests must comply with directives from Jam staff.

Prohibited Items:

Guests are not permitted to bring the following items to the Arena:

Animals, with the exceptions of service animals

Professional cameras or video and audio recording equipment


Bottles or cans

Refillable water bottles or cups of any kind


Drones and any other type of UAV


Food and drink purchased outside (including alcohol)

Frisbees and/or beach balls

Hoverboards, bicycles, skateboards, roller skates/shoes, and/or wagons

Illegal drugs

Inflatables including balloons & beach balls

Laser pointers

Poles or sticks of any kind such as flagpoles, broomsticks, selfie sticks

Tents, tarps, sleeping bags

Guests may not carry any weapons, firearms, knives, stun guns, pepper spray, mace and/or dangerous devices of ANY type.   NO firearms carried by guests are permitted at the Jam.

Any item deemed to be inappropriate or hazardous by Jam security.

AND by entering the property you DO automatically agree to be filmed or recorded for promotional purposes by the June Jam Foundation.

For information and updates visit the Alabama Fan Club & Museum site: (https://www.thealabamaband.com/tours/alabama-fan-clubmuseum) / City of Fort Payne web site (https://fortpayne.org/ ) – and the respective Facebook pages.


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