VISHING (Voice Phishing) – BEWARE!

Scammers are constantly looking to separate you from your information, AND from your money; one of the more common ways that they’re trying now – is something called “vishing”.  Vishing – short for voice phishing – is an old identity fraud scam utilizing a phone call or voicemail.

According to the United States Postal Inspection Service – scammers will call and leave a voicemail and impersonate someone that they are NOT – and attempt to elicit sensitive information – such as – log-in credentials, personal identifying information, credit card numbers, or any other such banking details.

Sometimes these imposters pretend to be Postal Inspectors OR any other people in authority who try to coerce the target with threats of arrest OR some other punishment.

SO – what to do if you get a phone call or voicemail?

If you get a phone call or voicemail from someone claiming to be a Postal Inspector – or other law enforcement official – alleging there is an active warrant out for your arrest, be careful.  These people often impersonate law enforcement, or other positions of authority – and will manufacture a threatening situation and sense of urgency, in an attempt to coerce you into sending them money OR providing personal information in order to steal your identity.

The imposter’s phone number is typically blocked, and it may be spoofed or faked, displaying a number OTHER THAN the actual one which is used by the imposter. 

There are even cases where a LEGITIMATE number is SPOOFED to make it look like a known entity is calling.

How to protect yourself:

Postal inspectors and/or any other officials do NOT reach out directly to consumers to demand money or any personal information – so don’t give anything out on the phone.   And if you get a voicemail that seems suspicious, don’t return that phone call and delete the message.

(Combined Sources)


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