Warriors’ Herrick officially becomes a Cobra

Cherokee County High School wrestler David Herrick, right, signed a scholarship with Division II Coker University in Hartsville, South Carolina on Wednesday. Standing with Herrick is Warrior head coach Andrew McBrayer. Photo by Shannon Fagan.

By Shannon Fagan, WEIS Sports Director

CENTRE – For the past several years, Cherokee County High School wrestler David Herrick has bowed his neck like a cobra, waiting to strike his opponents on the mat.

Perhaps it’s only fitting the two-time state champion and three-time state placer is heading to a program whose nickname is Cobras.

On Wednesday morning, Herrick signed to wrestle with Division II Coker University in Hartsville, South Carolina, fulfilling his dream of wrestling at the next level.

“From elementary through middle school, it’s always been a dream of mine,” Herrick said. “There’s been ups and downs, but I’ve made it to D-II and I’m looking forward to what Coker has to offer for me.”

What Herrick has offered the Warriors the past few years has been invaluable. Head coach Andrew McBrayer said Herrick’s leadership and strong mindset have been an inspiration to his teammates.

“He set the tone in our (wrestling) room the whole time he’s been with us. It’s been an honor to coach him,” McBrayer said. “He set the tone even before I got here with Coach (Matthew) Pharr.

“We had a couple of young guys like Curtis Soles, who made it to the state finals this year, who had never wrestled before. He got to be paired up with David. Just to see the growth and the knowledge he’s passed on to others has been incredible. I know it’s going to be a lasting effect that will be passed on to the future of our program. We’re really young, but to have somebody like him to set the tone for the rest of our program’s history has been awesome.”

McBrayer said he’s proud to see Herrick get rewarded with a scholarship.

“His work ethic is incredible. He’s been an asset to us, and I know his effect will continue even after he’s gone. I’m so excited to see how he does on the next level because of his success here.”

Herrick joins a Cobra program that went 9-5 last winter and sent 141-pound weight class wrestler Omar Armengol to the NCAA Division II Wrestling Championship in Park City, Kansas.

Armengol compiled a 20-7 record last season and finished third in the NCAA Division II Super Regional II tournament in March.

It remains to be seen whether Herrick reaches the level of Armengol’s success, but he has high expectations for himself at Coker.

“The plan is to go in there, dominate and get a spot,” Herrick said. “You’ve got to go there and earn it. I want to spend the season improving along with my team. The wrestlers there seem cool. It seems like a pushing environment that can help me.”

“I know no matter where he goes he’s going to succeed,” McBrayer said. “He’s got that work ethic and the mindset that nothing is going to stop him.”

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