North Georgia Woman Charged with DUI for Drugs

North Georgia Woman Charged with DUI for Drugs

A 31-year-old Georgia woman – was charged with DUI/Driving Under the Influence for drugs – after law enforcement noticed her vehicle without a tag, in the drive through at the Summerville McDonald’s.

According to reports two deputies who were patrolling together stopped for a coffee at McDonald’s – and – while in the drive through they noticed that the car in front of them, did not have a tag – and also, that the driver showed signs of impairment.

Deputies followed that vehicle after leaving McDonald’s and performed a traffic stop.  The driver gave the deputies a Florida driver’s license – and reportedly – her actions caused even more suspicion, that she was under the influence of drugs. 

After a field sobriety test deputies arrested the woman; she then became combative as they attempted to place her in the patrol car – according to the report, the woman was placing her foot between the car door causing the door to hit her foot when deputies attempted to close it, and Finally, one deputy went to the other side of the vehicle, and pulled the woman across the back seat of the patrol car while the other deputy pushed her into place.

Shelby Ellarae Williams, was charged with DUI for drugs, an expired tag, failure to change address on drivers license, failure to maintain a single lane and a seat belt violation; she was also charged with the obstruction of law enforcement officers.

(AM1180 Chattooga County Radio)


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