City of Centre Regular Meeting

During the Tuesday afternoon City Of Centre Council Meeting Mayor Mansfield addressed  the Council  asked for the approval of retail beer license on and off premises for Brittany Golden owner of the Whistle Stop Café. This was unanimously approved by Council.

Next on the agenda the Council discussed quotes for a new HVAC System at the Softball Complex. The quote they received was $8,219.00 from Morrison Heating and Cooling. This was approved.

Mayor Mansfield discussed the new Fire Truck. He told the Council it will be 365 days from April 29 2024 before the new Fire Truck will be delivered from Deep South. Mansfield thanked and commended Fire Chief Robert Pace and Cherokee County EMA Director Shawn Rogers for all their help with the specifications for the Fire Truck.

In Mayors comments: He told the Council the Rodeo is June 14-15 at Estes Field. It is coming along very well. The Mayor along with the Council thanked the Centre Police and Fire Department and all the city employees for their hard work.

The next City of Centre Council Meeting will be May 23rd at 10 am.


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