Severe Geomagnetic Storm Watch Is The First Issued By National Oceanic And Atmospheric Since The Year 2005

There is a massive solar storm that could appear with the Northern Lights as far south as Alabama tonight.

On Thursday afternoon, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association ranked its geomagnetic solar storm watch from a level 3, or slightly higher some NOAA officials described as not common. This severe geomagnetic storm watch is the first issued by National Oceanic and Atmospheric since the year 2005.

The upgrade is due to the possible eruptions of solar materials,that are expected to arrive at Earth by late tonight or tomorrow. Charged particles could come apart suddenly as from internal pressure fly into pieces; the possible surges will hit the Earth’s magnetic field producing the dancing lights over much of the northern half of the United States and possibly as far south as Alabama, NOAA said.




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