Cedar Bluff Town Council Rescheduled Meeting

Mayor Tammy Crane finally got a quorum to get the two sealed bids opened for upgrading the electrical for the Town Park. This took three special called meetings but the third time was a charm. Absent from this meeting were Council Members Jack Bond and Angela Ritchie. The bids were from Dodd Electric and Donnie Weaver Electrical. The Council made a motion to suspend the rules to vote on Code 2024-04 to accept the lowest bid presented, this motion was approved by the Council and a motion to award the bid to Donnie Weaver Electrical bid for $37,000 passed unanimously.

Then, Mayor Crane addressed the Council about moving the June 10th Council meeting to June 3rd instead because the 10th was too close to Liberty Day in the Town Park which is June 29th. The Council approved the meeting change to June 3rd. The Council approved $50,000 to be appropriated to Parks and Recreation from ARPA funds for the purchase of new LED Christmas lights for the Cedar Bluff Town Park.

Last on the agenda, was the Council making a motion to approve a new member on the Cedar Bluff Utility Board this is a 4-year term. This was unanimously approved by the Council. The appointment is effective from June 2024 and ending May 2028 with Council Member Loretta Higgins replacing Council Member Jack Bond on the Cedar Bluff Utility Board.

The next Cedar Bluff Town Council meeting will be May 13th.






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