Gadsden City Council Creates Arts Council To Promote Arts Culture In The City

On Tuesday, the Gadsden City Council approved an ordinance requested by
Mayor Craig Ford to establish the Gadsden Arts Council, which was a recommendation in the
GROW Gadsden comprehensive master plan approved last month.
The Arts Council’s purpose is to advance the arts through financial support, patronage, and
recognition of multidisciplinary artistic endeavors.
“One of the things that stood out to me from the GROW Gadsden plan was the overwhelming
demand for a stronger emphasis on arts and culture in Gadsden,” said Ford. “So, we’re giving
the people what they want. My hope is this arts council will come up with ways they can
increase artistic involvement throughout the community and the region.
“One thing we also saw in the master plan was the goal of establishing the Wall Street area as
an arts and culture district. That is a great short-term goal for the arts council to lead, in
addition to other events, fundraisers, and activities the council can coordinate. I’m looking
forward to working with the arts council and all of Gadsden’s artistic institutions to expand
our growing arts community!” Ford continued.

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