Dr. Evelyn Lightsey Earns International Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator Credential

The simulation coordinator at Gadsden State Community College has earned the international Certified Healthcare Simulation Educator credential from the Society for Simulation in Healthcare. Dr. Evelyn Lightsey, who has worked in Gadsden State’s Nursing Department for 16 years, passed an exam that assesses the knowledge and understanding of the principles, processes and fundamentals for developing and delivering high-quality healthcare simulation activities.

The comprehensive CHSE credential covers educational design and healthcare simulation principles and the application of those principles to meet the needs of healthcare learners at all levels. Lightsey joins the ranks of more than 2,500 individuals from 37 countries who have achieved this distinction. The Alabama Board of Nursing has made it mandatory that simulation coordinators at higher-learning institutions must be deemed “highly qualified” by earning certification by August.

“Dr. Lightsey has worked hard to make advances in our simulation program,” said Dr. Cynthia Mullinax, director of Nursing at Gadsden State. “We are able to utilize high-fidelity simulation as well as standardized patient simulation in our nursing courses at Gadsden State. These real-life situations are excellent teaching tools that prepare students to be practicing licensed nurses.”

The Simulation Center at Gadsden State utilizes sophisticated technology to provide students a safe, realistic environment to develop their clinical skills. The center also includes an electronic health record system like the ones found in today’s healthcare settings.

“Simulation experiences assist in increased knowledge of patient care, disease processes, interpersonal interactions, self-confidence and professionalism,” Mullinax said. “It truly enables a more competent practitioner to enter the nursing workforce.”

For more information, visit www.gadsdenstate.edu/nursing [1] and click on Simulation Center.

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