Collinsville City Council Regular Meeting

During the Monday afternoon Collinsville City Council Meeting Mayor Johnny Traffanstedt addressed the Council with the Mayor’s Report. The Mayor discussed the two different sizes and estimates for an electronic sign. The Council all agreed to table this topic because there is no confirmed venue to place it. Then, the Mayor spoke about the Mobile Communications American quote for the siren repairs for $12,259.00. This includes installation, a 60 day complete warranty and a 5 year warranty.  This was approved. After that the Mayor brought up the East Gadsden Sporting Goods quote for 2-basketball goal system for $7,100. This was unanimously was approved. The Mayor then discussed with the Council the Tyler Farms lease agreement for 5 years at a $1000.00 per month and no more than $1,200 and will revisit this after 3 years.

Councilman David Bowen spoke about the man who pulled up the trees at the park. Bowen reported the subject was at it again causing trouble at the ball field then taking off.

The Council recognized Librarian Jennifer Wilkens for National Librarian Day. The Council said she is a credit to Collinsville and deserves the recognition. Wilkens, then discussed the presale plant sale they will have May 9th at Collinsville Drugs. After the meeting, the Mayor and Council had a little party for her.

The next Collinsville City Council Meeting will be May 6th.



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