TODAY (Monday, April 15th) is Filing Deadline Day / Taxes

TODAY (Monday, April 15th), is the deadline, to file 2023 Federal Income Taxes. 

Also, it is the deadline to file your 2023 state income tax return.   According to the IRS – roughly 68% of taxpayers have already filed their tax returns, but for those who have procrastinated, you have until 11:59  tonight to file. 

If you just aren’t ready and simply cannot file your taxes today – you can file Form 4868 to get an automatic six-month extension to file.  This is only a filing extension. 

If you DO owe taxes, you’ll still need to send a payment to the IRS, before midnight in order to avoid any penalties and interest; if you’re expecting money back from the government the IRS says the average tax refund for this year, is around $3,000.


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