Who’s Your Favorite Alabama and Auburn Football Player?

After living in Alabama now for almost two years, I see the venomous rivalry. Somewhat like Michigan State and Michigan. But, I already knew that.

So, driving to WEIS Radio today, I thought to ask you who’s your favorite football player for both Alabama and Auburn?

For me, it’s easy. For the Crimson Tide, out of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, #12 Joe “Willie” Namath. One of the most prolific passers in college and the NFL ever. He played for the “Bear.”

Then for the Auburn Tigers, out of Bessemer, Alabama one of the greatest two sports athletes ever, #34 Bo Jackson. Jackson, was not only a great running back with the Tigers, but an excellent outfielder with blazing speed and a rifle arm for Auburn and the MLB. He won the Heisman in 1985.

So, who are both your favorite players? Let me know at davdd@weisradio.com.

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