Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office “Spotlight”

From the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office

The most visible branch of the Sheriff’s Office would be their deputies in the Patrol Division.  The deputies patrol approximately 1,000 miles of County Roads, to deter crime in, and around Cherokee County itself, consisting of approximately 30,000 year-round residents.

Patrol deputies are responsible for answering, and handling, complaints; taking incident/offense reports; making arrests; transporting inmates; serving warrants and juvenile pick-up orders and much more.  They also provide assistance to other law enforcement agencies and surrounding areas.

Lt. Jolly and Lt. Vaughn are assisted with supervision duties by Sgt. Key, Sgt. Snead, Cpl. Farrell, Cpl. Holcomb, and Cpl. McMeekin – all working, to help better the county, in every way possible.


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