City of Piedmont Council Regular Meeting

During the Tuesday afternoon Piedmont City Council meeting Mayor Baker informed the Council the operational expenses for the past 2 weeks were $347,259.76 and included two weeks payroll. The bills were approved for payment.

After that the Council discussed at length, with local artist Tiffany Beal, about painting the Downtown mural. Beal, told the Council it will last about 20 years and will take almost 3 months to finish. It will be on a wall coming into the city of Piedmont. The Council will use AME Project Fund money to pay for the mural. The mural will be 40 by 20 and the cost will be $16,000. The Council approved this.

Next on the agenda was Fagan’s Park which was tabled until the next meeting in two weeks. The Council then approved Shannon Ray for a five year appointment to the Piedmont School Board.

The Piedmont Parks and Recreation Supervisor, Jeff Formby, addressed the Council about the Civic Center Remodel Cost Projections. He told the Council there is a termite problem in that building. The Council discussed this and came to the conclusion they need the estimates to be more precise. This discussion will continue at the next meeting.

Tim Frost, the Street Superintendent, informed the Council he needs a replacement for a sanitation position to operate the Disposal Truck. This was approved unanimously.

Interim Fire Chief Cale Donaldson, spoke to the Council about multiple vacancies with the Fire Department. This was tabled until the next meeting.

City Clerk Hinton, thanked Jeff Formby for the Civic Center quotes and Mayor Baker told the Council there will be a Piedmont Cleanup day on a Saturday in May but the day isn’t confirmed yet. Baker then thanked the City employees for their hard work.

The next City of Piedmont Council meeting will be April 16th

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