City of Leesburg Town Council Meeting

During the Monday afternoon City Of Leesburg Town Council meeting Mayor Brandy Pierce addressed the Council about 8 sealed bids they had for a tractor purchase. The Mayor opened all 8 bids. The Council came to the conclusion to select two of the bids. Both were $ 25,000 from two different companies. One quote was from the Tractor Place on a 3520 Coyote tractor. The other tractor was from Foothills which is a Massey Ferguson. The Council passed the decision to Maintenance Supervisor Brian Griffith to make the choice of which tractor has the best lift and best warranty.  Brian Griffith would also use the specifications they agreed on to make the selection.

The Council approved the purchase of a border for the playground.  They would spend up to $1600.00 from the Pro-Playground Company. In addition to the playground equipment, the Council also approved pea gravel for the border at the approximate cost of $750.00 from Kerr’s Redi Mix of Centre.

The Council adopted two resolutions. The first, to authorize the Mayor to sign sewer grant documents on behalf of the town of Leesburg. Then the Council approved the sewer grant certification resolution . Both passed unanimously.

The Council also approved $20,500 for the wiring of the lights and breaker box at the ball field and $1000 Rodeo Sponsorship for the Chamber of Commerce.

The Council, Mayor and their Attorney, Chad Hopper, went into an executive session for a real estate purpose. The session lasted all of 10 minutes. After they reconvened the regular meeting they approved the sale of a parcel of land and building which is the Old Coyote’s Building on Hwy 411 to Jade LLC in the amount of $230,000. They said this is fair market value.

In the Mayor’s Remarks:

Need to meet with the security camera company

The Next City of Leesburg Town Council meeting will be May 6th





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