Wanted Man Recently Arrested

A Chattooga County, Georgia Sheriff’s Office Deputy – arrested a wanted Oklahoma accused rapist shortly after 2:00am Sunday – and according to arrest records from the Chattooga County Sheriff’s Office. 

Dallas Lee Coosewoon, age 29 of Comanche County, Oklahoma, is wanted in connection with a rape case in Lawton, Oklahoma, which took place in 2022.

According to reports at the time of that incident Coosewoon was accused of coming into the bathroom of the mother of three children – and taking her to the bedroom of the woman’s home and raping her by force. 

That report said that Coosewoon put the woman’s three children outside during the attack; he was arrested on the charges and then released on a $150,000 bond as he was awaiting trial; Coosewoon’s case was originally scheduled to have been tried in June of 2023.

The victim’s mother reportedly saw Coosewoon after his release on bond at a gas station and confronted him about the attack on her daughter. 

Coosewoon, a Native American, reportedly told the victim’s mother, “I’ve done some things, but my tribe is going to help me – and nobody can do anything about it”.

He was arrested recently in Chattooga County, Georgia on felony Fugitive from Justice charges – and is being held for Comanche County, Oklahoma authorities.

(AM1180 Chattooga County Radio)


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