Chocolate Prices Could Increase

 70% of the world’s chocolate comes from the Ivory Coast of Africa. Right now that area is dealing with poor harvest, too much rain, and disease. All of that combined has caused a cacao shortage, leading to prices rising in the chocolate industry.

Elizabeth Moore Chocolates has been open in Pelham for two years. Owner, Susan Notter, said while they haven’t seen a price change yet, she knows it is coming.

“There’s so much news about the shortage that people start to buy up everything which creates more of a shortage. Which pushes the prices up as well,” said Notter.

Notter does not get her supply from the Ivory Coast. Her chocolate comes from Switzerland where she uses flavor profiles from Venezuela, Madagascar, the Dominican Republic and more. However, she anticipates because of demand, prices will rise in the coming weeks.

“Because demand will now be higher, all the regions will be affected,” said Notter.

Notter said her supply prices will rise from 5% to 15%. Some of her shipments are already being impacted.

“Another supplier, we’ve had some stuff back-ordered. Then I got an email that they could not fulfill the back orders now. So it’s gonna change. Just keep an eye on the pricing.”

For now, Notter said the shop will eat the cost but is considering small price changes in the future.

“I think our customers will understand what we’re doing. Like I said it is a treat. Somebody’s had a bad day, they come by and they’ll pick up some chocolates or some truffles for themselves and people will still do that,” said Notter.

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