Large Tree Falls on Power Lines on County Road 44 Knocking Out The Power for a Few Hours

On Tuesday afternoon at approximately 5:15 a very large tree toppled on top of power lines on County Road 44 in Cedar Bluff. There were no injuries but a motorist ran over one of the down power wires and this caused a utility pole to fall to the ground and break. This caused even more damage.

This caused motorists on County Road 44 to have to wait a bit for Cedar Bluff Police. Cedar Bluff Officer Dakota DeBerry told WEIS Radio that Cherokee Electric and Gaylesville Fire Department were also called to the scene. Motorists couldn’t advance until Cherokee Electric Workers cleared the area of down power lines and with the fallen large tree.

The power in that area was knocked out until 8:55 pm.




(Photo Credits Pat Dreps)

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