Scam Callers Hit Northwest Georgia

Chattooga County, Georgia Sheriff Mark Schrader – warns area residents about a scam where callers say that someone has recently missed a court appointment – and the caller then demands money. 

Sheriff Schrader issued the following statement recently:

“No law enforcement agency will call and tell you that you’ve missed court, grand jury or any other incident and demand money over the telephone.

I have received several telephone calls over the past several days letting me know that folks are receiving these calls.

DO NOT send any money to any account, buy any type of card OR agree to purchase bitcoin for any of these reasons.

I have also been notified that thieves posing as Publishers Clearing house are at it again.  Please, Please don’t send them money, because we will not be able to get it back.  Please share and speak to your family about these scams” ~ Sheriff Mark Schrader


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