Lady Warrior tennis team downs Class 7A Mary G. Montgomery 7-2

Photo Special to WEIS.

Staff Reports

MOBILE – The Cherokee County Lady Warrior tennis team defeated Class 7A Mary G. Montgomery 7-2 at the Mobile Tennis Center on Tuesday. The Lady Warriors’ next match is Thursday against Bayside Academy at the Orange Beach Tennis Center.

No. 1 Emalee Alexander (MGM) def, Briley Hincy (Cherokee County) 8-2.
No. 2 Aubree Sipsy (Cherokee County) def, Kenlee Tillman (MGM) 9-8, 7-2.
No. 3 Nevaeh Gaidurgis (Cherokee County) def, Halle Stringfellow (MGM) 8-0.
No. 4 Brooke Hincy (Cherokee County) def, Brooklyn Simoneaux (MGM) 8-5.
No. 5 Ella Maples (Cherokee County) def, Makayla Powell (MGM) 8-0.
No. 6 Mattie Goss (Cherokee County) def. Kaitee Pugh (MGM) 8-2.

No. 1 Emalee Alexander and Kenlee Tillman (MGM) def. Briley Hincy and Aubree Sipsy (Cherokee County) 8-2.
No. 2 Brooke Hincy and Ella Maples (Cherokee County) def. Halle Stringfellow and Brooklyn Simoneaux (MGM) 8-4.
No. 3 Nevaeh Gaidurgis and Mattie Goss (Cherokee County) def. Makayla Powell and Kaitee Pugh (MGM) 8-1.

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