City of Piedmont City Council Regular Meeting

During the Tuesday afternoon Piedmont City Council Meeting Mayor Baker informed the Council of the operational expenses for the past 2 weeks which were $878,640.95 and included two weeks payroll. The bills were approved for payment.

After that Councilman Jubal Feazell addressed the Council with an idea. He said he would like to take $ 20,000 from the operational expense account each month and put the money into a savings account for the City. This money would possibly be used for an emergency. The matter was thoroughly discussed with the Council agreeing and the motion was passed.

Mayor Baker, reappointed Mr. Phillip Winkles to another term as Piedmont Housing Authority Commissioner.

Police Chief Nathan Johnson gave the Police Report for February. The Piedmont Police Department had a total of 46 arrests on 61 misdemeanor charges 8 Felony charges. He also stated 21 total Abatement cases. After his report he asked permission from the Council to advertise for another Police Officer. He said we have one leaving and this position needs to be filled. The Council made a motion and it passed unanimously.

Interim Fire Chief Cale Donaldson gave the Fire Report for February. There were 78 calls and 46 Rescue and Emergency Medical Service Incidents. He also informed the Council about 3 Shift trainings the Fire Department had. Donaldson then addressed the Council about two Firemen leaving the Piedmont Fire Department.  The Interim Chief told the Council they’re now down three firemen. He was asking if he could advertise for these positions to be filled. A motion was made and this also passed unanimously.

In Visitor Comments: Attorney Shirley Millwood addressed the Council. She was asking for their support as she is running for Probate Judge of Calhoun County. Also, addressing the Council was artist Tiffany Beal she was asking the Council to split the $8000.00 cost of a mural she wants to paint on the side of a building in Piedmont. It will be 40×70 feet. This will be discussed at the next Council meeting on April 2nd.   



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