Ways to Protect Yourself During Tax Season

 More people are preparing to file their taxes as the April 15 deadline approaches, and while you may be tempted to quickly rush through it, the Internal Revenue Service says safety, not speed, should be top of mind while filing.

The IRS say it’s after Presidents Day when tax season becomes busiest, and there are a couple of safety precautions they recommend you consider when filing this year. The IRS will primarily communicate with you via mail. Officials say that by making an official account through the IRS website, you can keep track of all official correspondence.

The IRS recommends filing electronically and choosing direct deposit as the safest way to file and get your return. They also recommend taxpayers to use an IP Pin while filing, which is a 6-digit number that the IRS assigns each tax filer each year as an added layer of security.

The IRS also says to go to a reputable tax preparer; you can find one through the IRS website. If you search for one on your own, be on the lookout for red flags.

“If you ask what they’re going charge and they tell you it depends on your refund, please find someone else. If they promise you you’re going to get this huge refund without even sitting down with you and seeing what your tax situation is, please find someone else,” said IRS spokesperson Alejandra Castro.

The IRS also asks that if any scammers posing as the Internal Revenue service try to contact you, to forward their attempts to

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