Watch Out For Scammers During Tax Season

 More people are preparing to file their taxes as the April 15 deadline approaches, and as taxpayers get busy, so are the scammers.

One viewer shared an email she received from a scammer asking her to contact them because of a problem with her tax refund. One IRS spokesperson says there are a couple of different ways to weed out scammers like these.

The IRS say they’ll never text, email, or try to contact you through social media. The IRS also say it’s only during extremely rare circumstances that they would ever call someone, and as a general rule they will only contact you by mail. It is also encouraged by the IRS for all taxpayers to register an official account through the IRS website to keep track of all legitimate communication.

“That way you can have access to all your information,” said IRS spokesperson Alejandra Castro. “So if you get a letter by the mail and you know it’s the right way the IRS communicates with you but you may be doubtful, you can actually go to your account and see the letters that the IRS has sent to you.”

If you receive suspicious email, you can forward it to

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