Mike Rogers Speaks Out

Representative Mike Rogers Supports Texas Efforts to Secure Border

WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Mike Rogers has recently signed on, to an Amicus Brief – in support of the State of Texas’ efforts to secure the U.S./Mexico border.   Texas has been engaged in a legal battle with the Biden Administration – over Texas’ constitutional right – to repel that invasion at their southern border.

In the year 2023, over 2.5 million migrants entered the country through the U.S./Mexico border, averaging 10 thousand per day.

Representative Mike Rogers: “I was glad to sign on to this Amicus Brief in support of the State of Texas’ efforts to secure their southern border and stop the invasion of illegal migrants; and I do remember when President Obama’s own Secretary of Homeland Security stated that – one thousand illegal border crossings per day was a crisis. I guess Joe Biden forgot his fellow cabinet member stating that, as his administration is now fighting to sustain policies that allow an estimated – 10 thousand – illegal border crossings per day.

There is an invasion at our southern border – the Biden Administration is totally unwilling to address it, and the State of Texas has been left with no choice but to defend the border itself.  Alabama stands with Texas, and I’m wholeheartedly supportive of Governor Abbott’s efforts.”

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