City of Cedar Bluff Town Council Regular Meeting

During the Monday afternoon Cedar Bluff Town Council Meeting Mayor Crane and the Council approved the Financial reports for January 2024.

 Police Chief Jeremy Stepps gave the monthly police report for January. There were 10,700 miles patrolled with two felony arrests. Volunteer Fireman Bill Warren gave the Cedar Bluff Fire report. There were a total of 15 incidents. Mark Baty gave the building inspector report and there were 111 camper permits purchased.

 From the Public Comment time, Marcia Kastl questioned trash pickup during the holidays. Mayor Crane told her it is on the website and if she needs to get a hold of her just call.

Another speaker, Mrs. Walters was concerned about the impound lot. She was not very happy about where the lot is located. Mayor Crane told her it’s a Town Center zoned lot. She questioned possible criminal activity there. Chief Stepps told her that the vehicles have to meet a certain standard or they can’t be there. He said it’s not an eyesore and it’s a secured location. They are going to reconfigure the fence and move it back by the stop sign. Stepps also said there are cameras located there and they will continue to monitor that impound lot. Also, it’s well lit and a fenced in area.

 Bill Warren spoke at length about Cedar Bluff’s two fire trucks. He said by law you always need two fire trucks. The one truck is very unsafe. He has called Brindley Mountain to fix the one fire truck. They can repair it from their mobile repair vehicle. The estimate for the fire truck to be fixed is $12,966.83 this includes labor. Bill Warren said it will be in solid shape when their done working on it. The other truck went down last week. They will have to deal with that one too. The Council approved the estimate for the one truck to be fixed. The money will come out of the fire department account.

 The next item on the agenda was the luminous sign for the Cedar Bluff Park. The Council approved a sign for $21,132.00. This will include a warranty and a 10% discount from Stewart Signs. It will be located on 68 and Highway 9 on the edge of the road. The money will come out of the ARPA fund.

 The 2022 Audit was tabled for the next meeting.


The next City of Cedar Bluff City Council Meeting will be Monday March 11th.


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