You May Have Noticed Gas Prices Rising In Recent Weeks

By: Lauren Harksen

Right now, AAA says the national average is $3.19, while the average in Alabama is about $2.91. This is only 1 cent higher from Saturday and 12 cents higher from a month ago.

AAA Alabama’s Clay Ingram said while there are thousands of contributors to gas prices, he says it all comes down to global supply and demand and the US is a big contributor to that.

As temperatures continue to get warmer while we head toward spring, prices may continue to rise since more people want to be out and about.

Ingram says the increase is mostly because spring break is right around the corner.

“There is anticipation that our demand will increase when the weather starts warming up a little bit — spring break in particular — that’s always the case,” said Ingram. “We get a few weeks in front of that and the prices start to gradually trend upward and it’s what we see pretty much every year.”

Ingram recommends shopping for your gas to find the cheapest prices.

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