DeKalb County Sheriff’s Office – Yearly Statistics

From the Office of DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden – We have gotten together and compiled our yearly statistics for 2023.  Our compilation consists of total miles driven, number of reports taken, to the number of hang ups answered.

Gathering all of this information not only helps the public see how hard we have worked to keep our community safe it also helps us see where we could make improvements and how we can better serve you.    

Total Miles Driven: 711,121

Number of Calls: 6,137

Number of Reports: 2,689

Civil Papers Served: 2,106

Civil Papers Attempted: 2,330

Subpoenas Served: 3160

Subpoenas Attempted: 1,068

Warrants Served: 2,330

Warrants Attempted: 370

Warrantless Arrests Made: 1,146

Assist Made: 1,146

Traffic Stops: 2879

911 Hang ups Answered: 434

Alarm Calls Answered: 779

Cases Closed: 2,211

Sex Offender Verification Checks: 534

Drug Cases: 399


Methamphetamine Seized: 6,122.5 grams

Marijuana Seized: 2,527 grams

Spice Seized: 164 grams

Pills: 1,445 DU

Heroin: 6 grams

Cocaine: 68 grams

Fentanyl: 193 grams

DeKalb County Sheriff Nick Welden said of the incident: “I am so appreciative of all of our men and women and how much hard work they put into their job.  Being in Law Enforcement we make a pledge to serve and protect and seeing these numbers, I know we are upholding that pledge.  Trying to keep drugs off the streets of our community seems like a never-ending battle, but I can assure you, we will continue this fight to keep this poison out of the hands of even just one of our loved ones hands, is a win in my book.”


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