Heart Healthy: WEIS Radio’s Jerry Baker Speaks with Atrium Floyd’s Keely Harris for American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month, and WEIS RADIO recently spoke with area experts in the medical field, regarding a “Heart Healthy” lifestyle for one and all.

WEIS RADIO Morning Show Host Jerry Baker recently welcomed both the Community Director of Health, Dan Bevels and Keely Harris, Coordinator with the Cardiac Center of Excellence, from Atrium/Floyd Medical Center here in Cherokee County, to the studios to discuss a very “Heart Healthy” style of living – that is much easier, and enjoyable, that you ever thought!

The importance of “Heart Health” simply can’t be overstated – and, doing what needs to be done is NOT all that hard – or time consuming:


Ms. Harris went on to touch on the importance of diet – and just HOW the simplest of changes can make an incredible difference in how you feel:


Again, bear in mind, the IMPORTANCE of making a few simple changes in your lifestyle, and the incredible BENEFITS you’ll receive.


  • Heart Disease is the leading cause of death for men, women and for people of most racial and ethnic groups in the United States
  • One person dies approximately every 33 seconds within the United States from cardiovascular disease
  • About 635,000 people in the United States died from heart disease in 2021 – that’s 1 in every 5 deaths
  • Heart disease cost the United States about 239.9 billion each year – from 2018 to 2019 and this includes the cost of health care services and medicines, and lost productivity due to death.

Listen to that entire interview below:


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