The Debate Over Unionizing the Auto Industry in Alabama Continues

 The debate over unionizing the auto industry in Alabama continues to spark strong opinions from people on both sides of the topic. The latest take comes from one of the state’s newest public officials.

Secretary of Commerce Ellen Mcnair penned a letter Wednesday saying Alabama’s economic future is on the line as the union drive effort intensifies. What’s happening now is the United Auto Workers are targeting the nations non-union automakers, including those here in our state.

Secretary Mcnair wrote, ‘Led by Governor Kay Ivey and backed by the business council of Alabama and other key players in Alabama’s business community, we’re going to fight the United Auto Workers.”

In response to Mcnair’s comments, Mercedes plant employee Jeremy Kimbrell out of Tuscaloosa says an Alabama worker is just as good as any other worker. He said he feels no one is looking out for them and it’s time Alabama autoworkers fight back.

“We earned that. We do a good job and Mercedes is selling cars valued at over a $100,000 a piece at our factory. They work us unbelievable extra shifts. They’re happy that they’re here. They don’t want to pay us. They want us to work for less. I call it the Alabama discount. The Alabama discount needs to end,” said Kimbrell.

Mcnair says attempts to unionize autoworkers in Alabama have failed before after being rejected by workers. She goes on to say the concern is if the union is successful, then jobs that come with auto manufactures will go somewhere else.

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